The Department of Public Health announced 6,477 newly confirmed coronavirus cases on Thursday shattering the previous single-day high record which was set on Wednesday.

According to a story reported on by WHDH/News 7 Boston, Thursday’s report includes 680 cases tested by one Massachusetts-based laboratory prior to December 1. The delay in reporting was caused by a technical issue with the software used by that laboratory’s reporting vendor, according to health officials.

A total of 232,264 cases have been reported so far in Massachusetts with an estimated 49,225 active cases with a daily test positivity rate of 5.8 percent.

Forty-nine new deaths were confirmed, elevating the confirmed virus-related death toll to 10,637 statewide.

One thousand three hundred and twenty-four people are currently hospitalized and 261 are currently receiving treatment in the Intensive Care Unit. The average age of hospitalized persons is 68.

From November 15 through November 28, 6,876 people between the ages of 20-29 have tested positive. The highest rate of positives per age group.

Ages 0-19 came in next with 5,891, followed by 30-39 year-olds at 5,713. The lowest reported age group was those over 80 with just 1,315 confirmed cases in that two-week period.
For more on this story, please visit WHDH/News 7's website here and as always, we thank them for the update.


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