As you know, it is always nice to visit attractions at neighboring locales, keep in mind some of them are NOT what they are cracked up to be and the end result could lighten your wallet. Massachusetts residents need to know some of the dos and dont's on where to shop, especially during this time of the year.
We have compiled some of the so-called tourist traps throughout the 6 New England states and let's start with one in our very own backyard located east of the beautiful Berkshires:


Next time, you plan on a trip to our capital city, Boston try to bypass the overcrowded locale known as Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market. Both establishments have been in existence since 1742, but you'll wind up going broke quickly as the area is considered to be a glorified food court and sells souvenirs that are best described as "tacky". Believe me, you can choose better restaurants in Bas-tahn that will satisfy your spending opportunities and a plethora of other locations will offer nice trinkets at reasonable prices.

Jesse Wlodyka
Jesse Wlodyka

South of the border, in Connecticut, there is a place in Middletown simply known as Wild Bills Nostalgia Store. This locale is a magnetic draw as visitors stop at a place which is "a quirky roadside pop culture establishment. The highlight is a frightful looking of the world's largest Jack-In-The-Box. locals call this place "a hyped-up flea market" that will surely set you back on your financial budget.

Flea market
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New Hampshire provides you with a perfect day trip, but be advised if you're in Lincoln, the nostalgic Clark's Trading Post STILL welcomes visitors as their biggest draw is a series of trained bear shows, bumper boats, Segways and a steam train. tickets are expensive as my recommendation is to stroll Hampton Beach which is also a popular tourist destination or pay a visit to the state capital of Concord.

Newport is a popular destination in our neighboring Ocean State as tourists check out "The City By The Sea's" mysterious Viking Tower. But many think the mysterious remains don't meet a historian's expectations. legend says the actual Vikings set foot in one of America's oldest edifices, but the speculation evaporates afterwards. Plus, it is pricey to take the so-called "nickel tour". Take a walk, set sail and pause to appreciate the scenery this shoreline area has to offer.  Alas, you can't try your luck to win some extra money for your journey at Newport Grand as the casino closed it's doors a few years ago.

Anthony Ricci
North of Rhode Island, you can find The Desert of Maine, but it's not exactly a facsimile of the famed Sahara. It is actually an empty lot that is surrounded by pine trees. geographers consider the domain as an arid area but the plaster camels and pricey souvenirs will definitely make you want to continue your journey elsewhere. Statistics show over 30 thousand tourists head 20 minutes from Portland to check this scenario out. the question is "WHY?"
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Finally, we head to Vermont as their Rock of Ages granite quarry located way north in Barre is NOT like going west to The Grand Canyon. Those who offer the tour of this facility make tombstones on the side and save your money on their overpriced trinkets and jewelry. A better alternative: Spend the day heading up route 7 to Bennington, a city rich in history and you'll also find an assortment of fine restaurants and reasonably priced souvenirs, plus it's a lot closer than going to Barre.
Bennington, Vermont

BOTTOM LINE: "Caveat Emptor" Translation: Let the buyer beware as my mission to save some serious money from being wasted and you'll thank me down the road!
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