If you are going to be flying on a major airline out of Bradley Airport in Hartford or Albany International in Albany be prepared to wear your mask during the entire flight.

American Airlines, United, Delta and Frontier have adopted the mask policy that Jet Blue recently put in place.

Although the airlines have all scheduled the new policy to go into effect between now and May 11th (check with your airline before flying), the FAA has not issued a mandated policy across the friendly skies to date.

Some airlines including Delta and United are now blocking off the middle seats on their flights to keep travelers further apart.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommend wearing a mask or some type of face coving to help protect the public from the spread of the coronavirus.

Although no cities or towns in the Berkshires are currently requiring residents to wear masks, I am seeing more and more people on the streets of North Adams, Pittsfield, and Lee voluntarily wearing protective coverings.

With the outbreak in Massachusetts a lot more critical in the eastern part of the state, fines in some Mass cities like Cambridge, Essex, and Lawrence are running as high as $300 for the violation.

A number of local Berkshire-based businesses like Big Y have declared the wearing of some kind of mask mandatory before entering their establishment.

Non-essential businesses remain closed with the state’s Stay-at-Home Advisory is in effect to at least May 18th.