If your vehicle inspection expires at the end of April, or has already expired, delay your tip this week to a vehicle inspection station.  According to an article posted to MassLive.com, a malware attack on a Wisconsin-based vendor that provides software  to the inspection sticker program used in Massachusetts.  From reports in the MassLive.com article the Mass Registry of Motor Vehicles announced the malware attack today.  According to the RMV the attack began last Tuesday March 30th.

The malware attack at Applus Technologies in Wisconsin not only caused Massachusetts to shutdown vehicle inspections but also a number of other states that also utilize Applus Technologies system.   According to MassLive.com, Applus anticipated that they will have the program back online sometime this week.  The Registry of Motor Vehicles said it is pressing Applus on a timeline for the program to once again be back in service.  No exact timeline was given.

The system was locked down by Applus when the issue was discovered.  Law enforcement was notified by the RMV so they could use discretion before issuing a citation for an expired sticker.  The possibility of an expired sticker-stop by police at the end of the month, when the malware attack happened, is certainly greater than in the middle of a month when motorist would have had weeks to get a new sticker.

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The article on MassLive.com goes on to state that according to Applus, the program used in Massachusetts for their inspection program is one of the most advanced and innovative in the country.  Because of the sophistication of the software program, it needs to be completely free of malware before they can bring it back online.

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