If you picked 'em all correctly, you woulda got yourself a million dollars! If you correctly predicted 60 games or more, you woulda got $10,000...and once again this year, The Pittsfield Cooperative Bank is hookin' up someone local with $500 for correctly predicting the most games against other Berkshire participants.

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Well, the championship ended last night sort of like the 2007 Patriots' season did...

Jared Butler poured in 22 points and had seven assists as Baylor won its first NCAA men's basketball championship, 86-70 over the previously unbeaten Gonzaga.

This year's local winner of $500 from the Pittsfield Cooperative Bank is Kim Lefebvre!

Kim lives and works in Pittsfield and is a mother and a grandmother. Lefebvre said she picked all the brackets herself. Even though she picked Gonzaga to win, she pulled it off!

Congrats to Kim! If you know Kim and see her around town, make sure you congratulate her on a job well done!

Slater and Marjo had a chance to speak with Kim on Wednesday.

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