Governor Baker's new travel restrictions go into effect this Saturday, August 1. And it looks like, at least for now, Mass DOT will not be using toll gantries to monitor out of state travelers.

According to a story reported on by WWLP/22 News, Governor Charlie Baker is asking all travelers from ‘restricted’ states to quarantine for 14 days unless they can show a negative COVID test result.

Though Baker said the policy will largely be enforced by the honor system, anyone caught going against the order could face a $500 fine each day.

When asked if the tolls along the Mass Pike will be used to monitor out of state travelers, Gov. Baker said he hasn’t decided just yet.

However, in an email to WWLP/22 News, Mass DOT said they will not be using information collected by toll gantries to enforce the state’s new travel restrictions.

A Mass DOT rep said that their only involvement is to support the education of travelers on the new travel order through those message boards you see along highways.

Check out more on the story at News 22's website. Keep in mind that if you plan to travel around New England, to New York, New Jersey, or Hawaii you will not have to follow the new travel restrictions. Those are currently the only states on the exempt list.

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