The latest results from a U.S. News and World Report for the best state to live in are out and it’s not looking good for our state.  Massachusetts, which was named the top state in the country last year by the report, dropped down from #1 to #8.

The state of Iowa is now ranked #1, followed by Minnesota, Utah, and North Dakota.  As for our neighboring states in New England, New Hampshire was ranked #5 in the country and Vermont made the Top 10 coming in at #9.

The U.S. News and World Report rated each state in health care, education, economy, opportunity, infrastructure, crime and corrections, fiscal stability, and quality of life.  Massachusetts did well in education, coming in at #1 and Health Care, ranking 5th in the country.  Infrastructure and fiscal stability dragged down the overall numbers.

I guess well have to wait till next year to get back to #1 or at least in the Top 10.

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