Last Friday, July 16th just before 12:30 a.m. Trooper Scott Boutell was working out of the Massachusetts State Police-Shelburne Falls Barracks. It was then that he saw a black Subaru Forrester with improper auxiliary lights illuminated and an illegible handwritten temporary license plate.

Trooper Boutell made contact with the driver of the vehicle and asked him for his license and the registration for the vehicle. The driver gave an expired Vermont license identifying him as Justin Butchino, of Springfield Vt. When questioned about the license plate, Butchino could only offer unrelated documents, no title nor bill of sale, but insisted the vehicle was properly registered.

With the operator’s license being expired, Trooper Boutell asked the passenger for his license. The passenger provided a Vermont ID card identifying him as Justin Gilliam, also of Springfield Vt. Trooper Boutell then returned to his cruiser and attempted to verify that the vehicle was, in fact, properly registered.

Trooper Boutell was not able to verify registration for the vehicle and discovered that Butchino's license was not only expired but also suspended. At this time Trooper Brian Vaidulas arrived on the scene as backup. Trooper Boutell returned to the vehicle and asked Butchino to step out so he could be placed under arrest. Officers' searched Butchino's person the search revealed a bundle of heroin in his right pants pocket.

Trooper Boutell then removed Gilliam from the vehicle. Troopers found that Gilliam had a baggie in his left pants pocket that appeared to contain crystal methamphetamine. Gilliam was placed under arrest.

A search of the black Subaru that Butchino and Gilliam that they were in revealed a used syringe in the passenger door pocket, a box cutter, a purse containing two bundles of heroin, a small white baggie containing a substance consistent with fentanyl, a glass pipe, and a cereal box containing 3,100 bags of heroin and a plastic baggie of crack cocaine.

Courtesy of Mass State Police
Courtesy of Mass State Police

Gilliam was transported to the Shelburne Falls Barracks for booking. Butchino was transported to an area hospital for pre-existing medical conditions.

Butchino was scheduled to appear in Greenfield District Court on the following charges:
1. Possess Class A Drugs (Heroin from Pocket);
2. Trafficking in Class A Drugs (Heroin/Fentanyl);
3. Trafficking in Class B Drugs (Cocaine);
4. Conspiracy to Violate Drug Law;
5. Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle (Suspended in VT); and
6. Misuse of Auxiliary lights.

Gilliam was scheduled to appear in Greenfield District Court on charges of:
1. Trafficking in Class A Drugs (Heroin/Fentanyl);
2. Trafficking in Class B Drugs (Cocaine);
3. Conspiracy to Violate Drug Law; and
4. Possess Class B Drugs (Crystal Methamphetamine).
The Information comes from the Mass State Police Dept

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