You Can Vote Starting Monday!

Super Tuesday is just over 10-days away but Mass voters can start voting in the Massachusetts presidential primary on Monday.  As long as you’re a registered Mass voter you can cast your ballot without any special reason or justification.

Early voting has gained in popularity both by state governments, to help cut down on long lines on primary day, and by voters themselves allowing them to participate in democracy on their schedule. Currently 39 states have some sort of early voter program.

The official primary date is Tuesday March 3rd (Super Tuesday).  The Democratic ballot will still include 7 candidates that have already dropped out of the race, including former Mass Governor Deval Patrick. There are 15 total names on the Democratic ballot.

In addition to President Trump, 3 other candidates will be listed on the Republican ballot, including former Mass Governor Bill Weld.

There will be 10 names on the Libertarian ballot.  One of those candidates is Vermin Supreme who wears a rubber boot on his head and in past campaigns has promised a free pony for every citizen in the country if he wins the election.

Other Super Tuesday states with a March 3rd primary election date are Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont and Virginia.

Like on Election Day, if you choose to vote early, you will be checked in as you normally would on election day, but instead of your ballot going into a machine, it will be placed in a sealed envelope and not counted until Election Day.

The state has a website will all the information you need concerning the upcoming election.