Whatever happened to the days when air travel wasn't as complicated and stressful like it is today? I don't have a logical answer to this question as an influx of flights were abruptly cancelled just before Christmas leaving people spending the holiday out off all places at the airport, but wait: These headaches continued even during the New Year's weekend as delays continue to put a damper on those travelling the "so-called" friendly skies.

Winter weather and the ongoing pandemic continue to remain as the prime suspects in this dilemma as staffing shortages amongst flight crews and attendants is a main sticking point due to increased amounts of COVID-19 infections. Mother nature is also throwing curve balls as stormy conditions have been a stumbling block in getting travelers from Point A to Point B. Planes continue to remain grounded, but is there an end in sight? Inquiring minds would like to know.

Locally, Massachusetts travelers are also facing these woes as a trip to Boston's Logan Airport could be the adventure of a lifetime. In a recent report that aired on WBZ-TV, (CBS 4 Boston) statistics show the number of delays continues to tally bringing the total of cancelled flights to 170 and numerous flights not taking off at their scheduled times. If you are planning to travel, get updates on Logan Airport's delays by chiming in to their Twitter page OR log on to Facebook for more information.

According to FlightAware, the situation here in Massachusetts is not as dire as inclement weather has NOT played a factor in keeping travelers on the ground, but this web site proves to be a key tool in tracking your impending flight. I should hop on that band wagon as a trip south to Fort Lauderdale, Florida awaits me at month's end. Yes, I'm a little worried, but hopefully by that time things would stabilize. Bay State travelers: cross your fingers and hope for the best.

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