Massachusetts is home to many lakes, streams, and waterfalls to swim in and with summer right around the corner taking a dip may be on your mind. With all these natural bodies of water in Massachusetts before you jump in you'll want to make sure the waters are safe and legal.

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There are 4 locations in Massachusetts that you and the kids should steer clear of when going swimming as they are not only dangerous but swimming in these waters (for the majority on the list) is off-limits.

Steer Clear of These Massachusetts Swimming Locations

While there are many locations in Massachusetts that don't allow you to swim for one reason or another I chose the following four to share with you as I am familiar with them and two of them I actually used to swim at during my younger days. Let's take a look.

Located in Mount Washington, Massachusetts as well as New York state, Bash Bish Falls is the highest waterfall in the state. While you can hike, explore, and take photos around the area of the falls swimming is not allowed. One of many unfortunate incidents that occurred at Bash Bish Falls was back in 2017 when a body of Ghent, N.Y. man was trapped under the roiling waters in an undisclosed location. In addition, there have been other injuries related to swimming at Bash Bish Falls which is why safety has been stepped up and swimming at the falls is off-limits.

Located in Dalton, Wahconah Falls is another waterfall that doesn't allow swimming. Back in 2008, a Pittsfield man drowned at Wahconah Falls. This is one of the waterfalls I used to swim at when I was younger and I will say it could be a little nerve-racking. The water was not only deep but if you tried to jump from the rocky ledges you really didn't know for sure if you could clear any rocks that rested near and under the base of the falls. Needless to say, swimming and jumping at Wahconah Park is a dangerous activity.

Located in Bellevue Cemetery in Adams, I had a lot of fun swimming in Bellevue Falls when I was younger. Even though you are allowed to swim in the falls I wouldn't advise having little kids swim there. I have seen first-hand people get hurt jumping off the 8-foot ledge. I even witnessed one gentleman get injured when he busted his head open diving off of the 8-foot cliff that hovers near the falls. Though I haven't been there in a while, another reason why you wouldn't want little kids to swim there is that I have seen broken glass from beer bottles on the rocky boulders and path where you walk. In addition, I have witnessed rowdy behavior at times from other swimming attendees. If you want to try swimming at Bellevue as an adult, that's up to you but this probably shouldn't be the first choice for very young children for all of the reasons I just mentioned.

Quabbin Reservoir is the largest inland body of water in Massachusetts and is the primary water supply for Boston and 40 other cities and towns in Greater Boston. With this body of water being a water supply, swimming, wading, and pets are not allowed. Even if swimming was allowed at Quabbin Reservoir you probably wouldn't want to or have your kids swim there as the reservoir is the most snake-infested lake in Massachusetts as it's home to 14 species of the slithery reptiles.

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