Seeing as how Massachusetts has some of the more prestigious schools in higher education throughout the nation, it really should be of no surprise to anyone across the Bay State, that we take lots of pride in our education system. A big part of that is having quality educators throughout the state. It just so happens that Massachusetts is very much one of the top states for teachers in the country.

Our friends at WalletHub recently released a study that showed what the top states were for teachers in the U.S. The study took several key factors into consideration, including teachers' income growth potential, pupil-teacher ratio, and whether or not the state has a digital learning plan.

While Massachusetts scored relatively well in every facet of the study, its best rankings were in the public school spending per student, in which the Bay State was ranked 5th among all states. It's also been ranked as having the best overall education system of any state. Massachusetts also has the 4th best teachers' income growth potential and 7th best average teacher's salary (adjusted for cost of living). And we had the 4th best academic & work environment of any state. The overall ranking that Massachusetts received in the study was being the 8th best state for teachers.

Finishing at the top was our neighbors to the west. New York is the best overall state for teachers in the U.S.

As someone who comes from a family of teachers (Mom, Dad, brother, and sister), I have the utmost respect for all teachers I've had and everywhere, for that matter. And it seems like if you're teaching in Massachusetts, you're in a really great spot!

You can check out where every other state ranked on the graph below.

Source: WalletHub

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