As Phase 2 of the commonwealth's recovery from the COVID-19 PANDEMIC starts to get underway, expect some new looks for child care facilities. Family visits to nursing homes will also start getting back to normal.

According to, Commissioner of Early Education and Care Samantha Aigner-Treworgy and Health and Human Services Secretary Marylou Sudders joined Gov. Charlie Baker on Wednesday at his daily press availability.

 Aigner-Treworgy laid out a number of the guidelines on child-care programs that were released on Monday. "Child care, recreational summer programs and day camps serving youth are all critical components in getting families and the economy back to work," Aigner-Treworgy said.
Child-care facilities looking to open in Phase 2 will need to submit a plan to Aigner-Treworgy's department, and she said additional guidelines will be released in the days ahead.
Sudders explained the rules that will let assisted living facilities to start allowing family members to visit their loved ones — outdoors and while observing the social distancing rules that mark the rest of life in the commonwealth during the pandemic.
Family visits will be limited to two family members from outside the facility, visitors will be screened, visitors will need to maintain a 6-foot distance from residents and a trained long-term care facility staff member must remain with the visitor throughout the visit, Sudders said.
There is much, much more to this story. For all the details, head to the full story at and we thank them for the Phase 2 update.

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