On Monday, Feb. 1, Pittsfield Mayor Linda Tyer delivered the 2021 State of the City address.

Here's the Official Press Release from the City of Pittsfield and the Mayor's Office:

The virtual address was filmed by Pittsfield Community Television (PCTV) and broadcast via multiple platforms, including online and radio.

The mayor’s remarks, which spanned a half-hour, included a reflection on the pandemic’s toll on last year’s city agenda, the continued fight against COVID-19, the reopening of schools, economic development and a series of upcoming city initiatives.

The address can be viewed here. A written copy of the address is available on the Office of the Mayor’s page here.

Mayor Tyer’s opening statement reinforced the magnitude of the shift on city affairs from last year to the present.

“It’s hard to believe that next month marks one year of dealing with this global public health crisis. In looking back at the past year, it is easy to become fixated on all of the things that we have done to mitigate COVID-19. Our attention and energy was focused, and rightly so, on doing all that we could to keep our community safe,” she said.

Circumstances are constantly evolving. It requires us to monitor, assess, and adjust. We are still very much in the midst of protecting ourselves and each other while at the same time, finding ways to sustain our economy, keep people employed, and reopen our schools.”

This year’s State of the City Address marks the fourth presentation of its kind delivered by Mayor Tyer. She delivered the first-ever State of the City address in January 2017. Links to these remarks are available on the Office of the Mayor’s page here.

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