McCann Technical School's eighth-grade Showcase for Success will be held virtually this year and potential students will be invited. reports that Principal Justin Kratz told the School Committee last Thursday that instead of inviting area eighth-graders to the school for the annual showcase and look at after-school programming, the school's recruitment efforts will be virtual.

Principal Kratz said.

"It is not our ideal situation. We would like to have students here, But I think this will be a good night and a good event."

This decision to go virtual was made because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Normally, eighth-graders are invited to the annual open house to tour the building, see demonstrations in the various shops and labs, and speak with the high school's students and teachers about the programs in the regional vocational school district.

Instead, Kratz said students will be shown short clips from each shop and different classrooms.

Katz also said,

"We will send invitations that look like movie tickets saying come check out the premiere of our movie featuring all of our shop programs to give the kids an overview."

Kratz said there will be a question-and-answer period after the showing scheduled for Feb. 24.

Here are the classes McCann Tech Offers students.

Cosmetology (Postsecondary)
Dental Assisting (Postsecondary)
Medical Assisting (Postsecondary)
Practical Nursing (Postsecondary)
Surgical Technology (Postsecondary)
Advanced Manufacturing (High School)
Automotive (High School)
CAD (High School)
Carpentry (High School)
Culinary Arts (High School)
Electricity (High School)
Information Technology (High School)
Metal Fabrication (High School)
Business Technology (High School)

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