There was a safety alert issued at the campus of MCLA  early this morning and actions were taken by the MCLA police Department.

The safety alert was issued early this morning at 12:50 am by the MCLA Campus Police issued a RAVE Alert, telling the community to shelter in place.

The alert was sent out all over the area because the police were being very cautious due to threats made on social media targeting the MCLA residence halls.
On the North Adams Police departments Facebook page it says,

"Please be advised the MCLA alert of “Active Shooter” was in fact not an actual active shooter. However, to our understanding, MCLA Police did make an arrest in regard to this threat. This is an MCLA investigation."

The Campus Police responded to where the call originated, which was in the Berkshire Towers without wasting time the Campus Police were on it and interviewing a person of interest. Once it was determined that there were no actionable threats to our campus community, at approximately 1:25 am the shelter in place alert was lifted.

From the investigation, MCLA Campus Police apprehended and arrested 18-year-old MCLA resident student Joseph Caso on a felony charge of Threats of Deadly Weapon and Disruption of School or Public Building and a misdemeanor charge of Disorderly Conduct. The individual was released on bail and is due in Northern Berkshire District Court today at 8:30 am.

"As a result of these charges, the student has been placed on an interim suspension and is banned from campus until further notice. The campus CIRT (Critical Incident Response Team) has a debrief meeting scheduled for later this morning."

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