Back in February Mayor Thomas Bernard, he would not be running for a third term.
Who else will be throwing their hat in the ring to run for Mayor? We did hear that City Councilor Jason LaForest says he is exploring a run for mayor.

MCLA student Joshua Vallieres has announced a run and has taken out papers for the Mayor’s Office in North Adams. The 21-year-old told the Berkshire Eagle on Sunday that he considers his age or lack of electoral experience no barrier to building support to succeed Tom Bernard as the city’s mayor.

Vallieres is a “progressive” Democrat, an Eagle Scout, and a native of North Adams and is calling for attention not only to aging infrastructure in North Adams but to the need to support small businesses he also would like to revive the Western Gateway Heritage State Park, see investment in green energy and make sure the voting process is open.

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On his website, it says that he wants nothing more than to see this city grow to be a stronger, happier, healthier place for all its residents. Josh sees the need for improved infrastructure, including water, parks, and roads. He also understands that the city is going through economic changes and believes we can grow and lean into the cultural tourism the city has built in recent decades but does not want to leave behind its residents as previous businesses have.

Josh is currently a student at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, where he is studying English and political science, He expects to graduate in 2022.

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