A whopping eighty-six percent of parents shamelessly steal candy from their children’s Halloween haul

A study examining America’s Halloween candy-eating habits found many sneaky parents won’t hesitate to steal treats from their own child when their little one isn’t looking or has gone to bed.

Sweet-toothed moms and dads don’t just stop at one or two pieces either. The average candy-snatching parent devours a fourth of their child’s total Halloween haul.

And parents may not be dressing up to go trick-or-treating, but 44 percent will eat more candy than their children this Halloween.

The survey of 2,000 American adults (1,000 parents and 1,000 non-parents), commissioned by Crest and conducted by OnePoll, revealed adults’ spending and consuming habits when it comes to Halloween candy.

Non-parents share this obsession though; regardless of if they have kids, 73 percent of adults report purchasing more candy than they’ll need for trick-or-treaters so they can have the extra to binge themselves.

The results confirmed that Halloween isn’t just for kids four in 10 adults say they enjoy the holiday even more now than when they were a child. For 37 percent of these adults, the reason why is because there’s no limit on the amount of candy they can consume.

A responsible 58 percent of adults do limit their candy consumption on Halloween night though, and 75 percent of parents limit the amount of candy their children eat on the holiday.

For adults and children alike, milk chocolate is the favorite sweet. The other top treats include dark chocolate, chocolate with nuts, white chocolate, and gummy candy – showing a difference in age doesn’t mean a difference in taste.

Milk chocolate                                             Milk chocolate
Dark chocolate                                           Gummy candy
Chocolate with nuts                                    Dark chocolate
White chocolate                                          Chocolate with nuts
Gummy candy                                            White chocolate