Here we go again, March is sure acting the part of the lion with the second major winter storm of the new month.  The latest storm will bring pasty, heavy snow according to the National Weather Service.

The Berkshires’ are now under a winter storm Warning from 7 am Wednesday until
7 pm Thursday.  What was believed to be a fast moving storm a couple of days ago is now slowing down as it reaches New England.  There is a little more agreement between all the forecasters for this storm which could produce 12-18 inches of snow.  It’s also possible that some of the higher elevations in Berkshire County could see up to 24 inches of snow.

Forecasters are also warning of gusty winds and heavy snowfall late Wednesday  when snow could occur at the rate of 3 inches an hour.  We might also hear some Thundersnow during the storm.  The afternoon commute will be the worst time to be on the roads, so it’s a good idea to get thing done early and get home.


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