You can't watch tv right now without seeing a commercial or a Christmas movie itself, tis the season! and I know you have a favorite, probably even More than one. So grab a comforter, some popcorn, and also so hot cider or your favorite adult libation, kick back relax and enjoy the holiday season with these great Christmas Movies.

It's a Wonderful Life, The one movie I have to watch every year.

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The Grinch who stole Christmas

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The Nightmare Before Christmas

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Die Hard, Yes, it is considered a Christmas movie,probably because thetime the sotry happens is around Christmas

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Child Hood Favorite here, Rudolph th Red Nosed Reindeer

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The Santa Clause

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Home Alone, the original not the one that came outthis past year.

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Edward Scissor Hands


Elf, Will Ferrell was offered a lot of money to do Elf Two, he said No.


Christmas in Conneticutt, It has been on TV a lot lateley.

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Bad Santa, funny really for adults.


The Muppet Christmas Carol


A charlie Brown Christmas, it would not be without Christmas without this classic!


White Christmas, another great classic movie to watch during the hoiday season

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Miracle on 34th street

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You May not have heard of these two.
The Christmas Chronicles 1


And Christmas Chronicles 2


I have already watched this one last week!
National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

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Yes this is a holiday movie
Love Actually

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The next one on the list is scary but has a really good message I am talking about...


The Best Man Holiday

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If you love bill Murray, who i think is awesome and if you have not seen this it is great.

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Home Alone

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Here is another classic
and one of my go-to movies every Christmas is.
It's a Wonderful Life

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Check back every day to see more great holiday movies!

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