If you have lived a life where you moved a lot, kinda like being a military brat all over again( you go where Uncle Sam sends your family). which is the way I grew up my family moved from Garden City Long Island New York, Eglin AFB Florida, that is my birthplace, to Dover Delaware, then Hakata Japan, back to Dover, and then Minot North Dakota, and then last back to Eglin AFB, at the age of 17 and graduated from high school.

So living the radio life just kinda fit because you do move some. Then you find the perfect area and you stay.

Since I have been here in the Berkshires which is a wonderful place to be I have lived in a few towns and each one was different from being rural to walking downtown.

Coming in at the first place I lived here was in Hinsdale, the rural part, my first big snowstorm and my first time seeing a bear can wreak havoc on your bird feeders and garbage cans,I remember seeing the big bear paw print on the front porch running back in the house waking up Scott to have him walk me to the car with a shotgun in tow just in case it was an eclectic house too. Hinsdale is a wonderful place to live.

The Second place was Cheshire right on route 8, a big difference from living rural but it was nice to sit out on the porch in the evenings and It was halfway between Pittsfield and North Adams. Living in Cheshire we went fishing on the lake all the time in the scanoe it was so much fun!, don't know what a scanoe is, I will tell you tomorrow morning on the "Morning Wake Up".

Adams Fair Battle Of the Bands Cheryl Adams

At Number three was in Berkshire Ma, that was a short stopover then we moved to....
Number four, North Adams. we lived up on Veazie st. which was a short walk to downtown and the hubby Scott used to frequent a "Mans World Hair Salon" I would go to just to hang out with the guys also met a lot of wonderful people while we were there, so much fun with being a judge for the chili cookoff and Winterfest was always great the ice carvings, hot cocoa, and marshmallows at the fire pit. Summer brought us and our friends' cookouts at Windsor Lake and of course Steeple Cats Games and Party In the Park. Fav places to eat Desperados, Pete does it right! and Tres Ninos, Matt created a great street taco place!

Cheryl Adams

I see so many bright things happening now in North Adams but there are things that still need to be worked on and I think we have the right people to lead us into it moving in the right direction.

Number five where we live now is in Lanesborough back in a rural setting, but covid has a lot of people selling off their properties and that includes where we live. We would love to stay here in this area but hey, I have loved everywhere we have lived so any of those places are great.

The only problem is if you are a renter, which I am sure some of you are. You have probably noticed what folks are asking for rental prices and honestly, most are not worth what they are asking. That is a real big issue right now here in the Berkshires and there are people in the local government who need to take a look at what is going on with the people who work and live here.

That is what Makes anywhere you live in the Berkshires so great it really comes down to the people who make up all of these communities.