As you may have already read or been informed about, news came out earlier this week that most of Berkshire County, if not all, is back into the red zone as a COVID-19 "Hot Spot". With new cases showing up every day and hospitalization rates jumping, numbers are once again climbing. Not good.

Data from Monday compiled by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and their COVID-19 Dashboard shows at least 18 new deaths due to the coronavirus and almost 1,700 new cases.

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And a troubling statistic is that the numbers are trending younger. The span of the age group with the highest number of new cases of COVID-19? 0 to 19 years with 5,316 new cases. I'm sure part of the reason for that is the number of people who can't get a vaccination shot yet. The lowest number of new cases falls into the age group spanning 70 to 80+ years old.

WWLP/22 News Springfield reports that in terms of covid-related hospitalizations, there are currently 711 patients with COVID-19 statewide with 172 patients that are in intensive care units and 95 patients intubated. The average age for those hospitalized is 63-years-old.

For us here in Western Massachusetts, there are 1,000 medical or surgical beds that are occupied out of 1,206. In ICU units, 92 out of a total of 155 beds are occupied.

Across the Commonwealth, this now brings the total number of cases to 595,925 and the total number of confirmed COVID-related deaths to 16,808.

Meanwhile, for Berkshire County, the total number of confirmed COVID cases is 5,459 and the total number of confirmed and probable deaths is 275.

I'm sure by tomorrow there will be an entirely new set of numbers, but in the interim, this will have to do. For more on the story, visit WWLP's website here and if you would like to check out the data for yourself, you can find it all right here.

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