North Adams residents and others that vote with by mail-in ballot, it’s time to get your primary election ballot returned in time for the September 1st primary election day next Tuesday.

According to a article posted on the Berkshire Eagle website, North Adams City Clerk Deborah Pedercini stated that 1,700 ballots were mailed out and 850 have been returned as of Tuesday.

Residents can return your ballot by mail (better do it quick) or you can drop you ballot in the drop box outside the North Adams City Hall on Main Street.  The box is located outside the City Hall entrance.

Ballots should be filled out using a blue or black ink marker or pen.  To ensure your ballot does not have an issue when scanned, your ballot should remain dry without a crease.

If you do receive a mail-in ballot but you decide to vote in person on Election Day, you can do so as long as your mail-in ballot has not been returned.  Pedercini suggests that you return your mail-in ballot to her office when you go to the polling location to vote in person.

According to The Berkshire Eagle post, City Clerk Pedercini said there seems to be more interest in voting in this year’s primary.  The last primary there were less than 900 votes cast according to Pedercini out of the city’s population of 12,730 people, there are 8,600 registered voters.

If you need additional voting information click here.

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