The North Adams Police Department has sadly announced that their first K-9 Officer, Molly had to be laid to rest due to complications of old age.

According to a post on The NAPD Facebook page:  Molly served the City of North Adams and its citizens for several years with her handler Sgt. Albert Zoito. Upon retirement Molly was left in Sgt. Zoito’s care to live out a comfortable and well loved life.

Molly was trained in narcotic detection and both she and Sgt. Zoito were responsible for hundreds of investigations over her years of service with successful results taking drugs off our streets.

The members of the North Adams Police Department want to send our deepest condolences to Sgt. Zoito and his wife for opening up their hearts and home for Molly and for loving and caring for her in a way that every dog dreams of.

K-9 Officer Molly, as you follow the Thin Blue Line across the Rainbow Bridge, we want you to know that you can keep your head and tail held high knowing that your service made a difference. Knowing that you helped take dangerous drugs off our streets. Knowing that you put a smile on and made every child giggle when they saw you.

K-9 Officer Molly, May You Rest In Peace and God Speed 🇺🇸

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