North Adams School Committee members have voted to reopen schools remotely this fall, at least to start. The Berkshire Eagle reports that School Committee members deliberated for nearly two hours last week before approving the intended reopening plan, the details of which are now subject to negotiation with staff, and will require final approval by the school committee.

NBSU to open 3 buildings this fall; Clarksburg in hybrid mode.
Three out of the four North Berkshire School Union districts will open next month with full, in-person learning.

The Berkshire Eagle reports that Union Superintendent John Franzoni notified staff, students, families, and community members through a memo last week after a series of school committee meetings to approve each district’s intended reopening plan, which was due Friday to the state education department.

McCann Technical School students will return to school Wednesday, Sept. 16th, in person but only for vocational programming. reports that McCann Principal Justin Kratz said on Monday that the School Committee last week approved a hybrid learning plan that would have students return to school only for shops.


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