Here's some good news everyone can relate to! The City of Pittsfield and the Mayor's Office released a media statement yesterday which I found particularly helpful. From here on out, the City of Pittsfield's in-house paving list will be available for review on the city's website.

The in-house paving list is a compilation of scheduled road rehabilitation that will be conducted by the city’s Highway Division. This means that you can basically find out what streets are going to be worked on ahead of time and how it will affect your daily commute.

The document can be accessed by clicking on the “Highway Division” link available on the Department of Public Services page.

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Commissioner Ricardo Morales, of the Department of Public Services and Utilities, had this to say:

“This is our highway division work on road rehabilitation. We don’t contract this work out. We focus on unaccepted and smaller streets that normally would not be eligible for Chapter 90 funding. We took data in from our survey for all the roads in Pittsfield. Additionally, we incorporated input from ward councilors regarding their respective wards. As this is a priority-based approach, we want constituents to know that if their road is not done this year, due to monetary or time constraints, it will be given added priority next year.

Funding for this work comes from the city’s operating budget. In-house road work is expected to begin this month and will be based off of a ranking order that reflects a variety of input.

For more information, please visit

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