Let's talk, shall we? You and I both know that Massachusetts has some of the worst drivers in the country, but you know what? I've lived all over the United States at various stages of my life and they say the same exact thing in every other state. Florida? Oh my GOD, worst drivers! Pennsylvania? AWFUL drivers. You get the idea.

Still, I'm continuously amazed by the incidents of road rage that I see on a daily basis just during my relatively short 10-minute drive to and from work. And I don't think I've seen as many people run red lights in all my life as much as I've seen run red lights since the pandemic started.

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You can even see a road rage theme running throughout the bumper stickers on people's vehicles. Just some that I've seen lately include:

  • If you are not a hemorrhoid then get off my ass!
  • I've been experimenting with doing the speed limit. So far it seems to piss people off
  • I changed my car horn to sound like gunshots. People get out of my way much faster now
  • If I cut you off, chances are you handed me the scissors

With that said, WHDH/7 News Boston recently did a story that said according to a recent study, Massachusetts has the second best drivers in the country. New York drivers came in first. I know, right? Crazy talk!

The study, conducted by Chicago-based law firm Friend, Levinson & Turner, LTD, based the best-driver results on numerous factors including total accident fatalities, DUI arrests, number of uninsured drivers, and more.

Perhaps my favorite factor that they used to determine results was Google search for terms such as, "getting out of a ticket" and "car accident lawyer".

States were ranked best overall, so even though New York had the second-lowest fatality rate in the country, they still got the number one spot. Massachusetts, coming in at number two, has the lowest fatality rate and average-to-low rates for driving under the influence arrests.

Check out more results from the study at WHDH's website here.

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