The Annual Fall Foliage Parade Returns!
The countdown has started to one of the traditions held in North Adam I am talking about the Fall Foliage Parade is back! Coming your way on
Sunday, October 3, 2021.

The Fall Foliage Festival dates all the way back to 1947, and a lot of folks have great memories dating all the way back too.

Courtesy of Nick Mantello

I always look forward to this parade WUPE and our sister station are always a part of this event. Since the pandemic, there has not been a parade since 2019 and  I guess all of us were really wondering if it would happen this year. North Adams host this festive, inclusive, and vibrant downtown parade celebrating all things autumnal in the Berkshires.

Courtesy of Nick Mantello

The entire community usually gets involved with this event and everyone is invited to participate in this beloved event, which takes place on the first Sunday of October.

Courtesy of Nick Mantello

Right now they don't have a name set for this so the city of North Adams is asking everyone what Should The Theme Be?
They are looking for the best and most creative parade theme submissions! Click here to submit your theme idea!

Want to be in the Parade?  They are looking for people to be a part of this city-loved event. Floats, sponsors, marching bands, etc. be a part of the fun! If you want you to be in it! Click here to register for the parade.

If you would like to volunteer and show your support at the Parade
This event offers a few different volunteering options.

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