Heads up, Berkshire County friends and neighbors! There's a malicious LARGE-SCALE phishing attack making the rounds on Facebook and Tik Tok right now and it's doing a fair amount of damage.

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According to Malware Tips, this scam started showing up late last year but really skyrocketed in January. This phishing attack spreads via Facebook messages, Messenger, and Tik Tok.

The scam revolves around receiving a message that contains the following text:


Do yourself a favor and keep an eye out for those words whether it's a Facebook message or you receive it as a text. You are STRONGLY URGED NOT TO CLICK ON IT.

It is not a legitimate news story. It's a very malicious scam. If you open the message, it will attempt to trick you into clicking on a link that will steal your login credentials and proceed to infect your device with malware.

One of the truly terrible aspects of the "Look Who Died In An Accident" scam is the fact that it takes advantage of people's emotions by making them think that a friend or acquaintance has died in an accident...and even worse, the scam WORKS.

It starts by sending you a message from a compromised account, typically a friend, with the "Look Who Died..." link. And that's it. Once you click on that link, it's too late. The damage has been done.

Worse than that, it doesn't end with you. According to Malware Tips:

The malware will then spread the same link and message to all of your friends, without your knowledge. This means that the scam can quickly spread and affect a large number of people.

And since that message is designed to urgently provoke you into finding out more details, many hurriedly(understandably) clink on the link without thinking about what they're doing, or first considering the possibly serious ramifications.

Always remember, in order to keep yourself and your personal data safe, please be extra careful about what links you click on. And a super strong password is very crucial. For more info regarding the "Look Who Died In An Accident" phishing scam, check out the Malware Tips website here.

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