The Red Sox are finally back at Fenway for the first time today after starting the season on the road in New York against the Yankees and in Detroit against the Tigers.  The Red Sox hope to improve on their 3-3 record.  The American League East Division is going to be a competitive one with the Rays, Yanks, and Blue Jays fielding strong teams again this season.  The fact that all of those three teams have identical 4-3 records going into today is an indication that every win is going to count when the season winds down in October.


The Sox will be home for 7-games over the next 7-days with a 4-game series against the Twins and then 3-games with the Blue Jays.  Today’s game will start with the pre-game show at 12:05 with the first pitch at 1:05.  The Sox are sending Nick Pivetta to the mound against Joe Ryan.  Both lost in their first appearance this season. The Sox have been silent about who will be throwing out the 1st pitch.

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In the Berkshires, you can hear the Red Sox all season on WNAW in North Adams, WBEC-AM in Pittsfield, and WSBS in Great Barrington.  WNAW and WBEC-AM also carry the Bruins and Celtics.  If the team schedules overlap the Red Sox will take priority, followed by the Celtics and then the Bruins broadcasts.  Keep in mind because of MLB, NBA, and NHL guidelines no affiliates of the teams can stream games.  So, all Sox, B’s and C’s games will be blacked-out from the station Apps and online websites.

This Week’s Sports Schedule (times are based on the start of the game)

04/15     (FRI) - RED SOX VS. TWINS                  2:10 PM

04/16     (SAT) - RED SOX VS. TWINS                 4:10 PM

04/17     (SUN) - RED SOX VS. TWINS                1:35 PM

04/18     (MON) - RED SOX VS. TWINS              11:10 AM

04/19     (TUE) - RED SOX VS. BLUE JAYS          7:10 PM

04/20     (WED) - RED SOX VS. BLUE JAYS         7:10 PM

04/21     (THU) - RED SOX VS. BLUE JAYS          1:35 PM

04/21     (THU) - BRUINS AT PENGUINS            7:00 PM

04/22     (FRI) - RED SOX AT RAYS                      7:10 PM

04/23     (SAT) - RED SOX AT RAYS                     6:10 PM

04/24     (SUN) - RED SOX AT RAYS                    1:10 PM

04/24     (SUN) - BRUINS AT CANADIENS          7:00 PM

04/25     (MON) - RED SOX AT BLUE JAYS         7:07 PM

04/26     (TUE) - RED SOX AT BLUE JAYS            7:07 PM

04/27     (WED) - RED SOX AT BLUE JAYS          7:07 PM

04/28     (THU) - RED SOX AT BLUE JAYS            7:07 PM

04/29     (FRI) - RED SOX AT ORIOLES                7:05 PM

04/30     (SAT) - RED SOX AT ORIOLES                7:05 PM

05/01     (SUN) - RED SOX AT ORIOLES               1:05 PM

05/02     (MON) - NO GAME


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