Obviously, the Boston Red Sox are the most popular MLB team in Massachusetts, as well as Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Rhode Island.

However, just how popular are the Red Sox in Berkshire County?  And, are there more Red Sox or Yankees fans here?

I’ve always been a Red Sox fan.  My dad is a Red Sox fan.  Most of my friends growing up were Red Sox fans.  It never crossed my mind as a kid that there would be fans of other baseball teams here in Massachusetts.  I can still name some of my favorite Red Sox players from the mid 80’s through the early 90’s, including Mike Greenwell, Rich Gedman, and Oil Can Boyd.  Heck, Ellis Burks was my first Starting Lineup figure I ever bought!  And yes, there was obviously Wade Boggs and Roger Clemens, but everyone knows those guys…

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But then, I started to get older.  My circle of friends expanded.  And as I talked to more people, I began to realize…Berkshire County has a surprising number of Yankees fans!

Of course, if you’re a Yankees fan in Berkshire County, it probably doesn’t surprise you.  But, as a Red Sox fan growing up on a small farm in the town of Lee…it surprised me how many people rooted for the pinstripes!

New York Yankees Spring Training
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And, if this map is to be believed…Yankees fans could outnumber Red Sox fans in Berkshire County!  This map is only a few years old, so I don’t think much has changed during that short time, and Berkshire County is colored gray…meaning more Yankees fans live here than Sox fans!  This is based on tickets sold, merchandise sold, etc.

Berkshire County borders New York, so I guess it does make sense in a way.  We’re also closer to New York City than any other part of Massachusetts.  And honestly, with the way the Boston area forgets about our county, sometimes it does feel like we’re more New York than Massachusetts.  Also, we’re in the Albany market TV wise, so it’s pretty easy to get Yankees coverage just as well as Red Sox coverage.  That said, our radio stations, WNAW 94.7, WSBS 94.1 and WBEC 1420 AM carry exclusively Red Sox games, so I feel like I’m on the right side in radio at least!

I still feel like there’s a 60-40 split with Red Sox vs. Yankees fans here in Berkshire County, but maybe I’m wrong?  Maybe that map is correct and Yankees fans outnumber us Red Sox fans!  What do you think?

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