Pan Am Railways, which owns the Hoosac Tunnel and runs freight traffic through North Adams, west to Pownal, Vt., and then into New York is for sale, according to railway industry publications.

The Berkshire Eagle reports That system passes through North Adams on its way through northern Berkshire County and provides freight service to several local businesses, including Specialty Minerals in Adams.

Pan Am railways Facebook Photo
Pan Am Railways Facebook Photo

The portion of the railway in the Berkshires, includes the Hoosac Tunnel and also runs through a portion of southwestern Vermont, is operated by Pam Am Southern, a joint venture between Pan Am and the Virginia-based Norfolk Southern Railroad, which maintains the section between Mechanicville, N.Y., and Ayer.

According to people familiar with the railroad industry, Pan Am Railways has been rumored to be for sale for many years and is considered a key piece of infrastructure in North Berkshire.

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