My experience of this issue started out last week when I was heading home. I was going down Valentine Road and there were parents parked on both sides of the road waiting to pick up their kids.

As I was driving, I arrived at the area where the parents are parking on both sides, and a car was coming the other way. I literally had to stop and let the car come the other way before I could proceed.  The whole time I am thinking, "aren't they supposed to only park on one side of the road?"

Well at least in Pittsfield that is a yes. They are not supposed to park on both sides of the road while picking up students. That information comes from the Pittsfield Police Department.

This is not the only school where this happens here in the Berkshires.

Someone had taken a photo near Greylock Elementary and yes cars there were parked on both sides of the road. In addition, there are other schools listed in the North County area.

Jerilyn Anderson/ Facebook -

I did try to contact the North Adams Police Department to get input from them on this issue, but no one was answering their phones.

The reason I contacted the Police Departments is that parents are on city streets where two-way parking is happening. If you are concerned about two-way parking near schools, the best bet is to call your local police department.

Here's a thought, maybe they should put up no parking signs for school times on one side of the road. What do you think?

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