The City Council voted to fill its vacancy with the 10th highest vote-getter in last year's municipal elections. reports that Peter Oleskiewicz was nominated by Councilor Wayne Wilkinson and elected by unanimous decision (with Councilor Jessica Sweeney absent from the meeting).

Oleskiewicz, who is the owner of Desperados Mexican Restaurant, was 103 votes short for a seat on the nine-member council last November.

Other candidates who had run for council in the past included Brian Sapienza, a member of the Public Arts Commission; Ashley Shade, a civic, political and LGBTQ activist; and Ronald Sheldon, who wants to be a voice for the city's disabled. Also expressing interest were newcomers Howard Carter, an attorney and former Navy SEAL; Gina Consolini, a registered nurse; Wayne Gelinas, who is resurrecting the historic Wigwam; and J. McConnell, a software developer.

Each spoke about their interest in serving and their backgrounds, with the exception of Consolini, who did not attend the meeting.

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