The City of Pittsfield has launched the “Bring Back the Joys of Life” campaign to promote best practices for eliminating the spread of the coronavirus.  In a post to the City of Pittsfield Facebook page announced the 6-week COVID-19 public awareness campaign.  According to the announcement the campaign will feature billboards and digital social media ads to encourage “you to keep going.”

The campaign includes a number of focused topics to help push residents towards safely dealing with the pandemic.  The main topics included; New year, renewed commitment to community health…Get creative while staying healthy…Don’t loosen up yet…City stepped in when the feds didn’t…and Keep sticking to rules and recommendations.

As of today, there are 555 active COVID-19 cases in Pittsfield.  The confirmed case total is 1,807 with 1,203 recovered from the virus.  There are 369 households in quarantine. The dead toll in Pittsfield is 49.  Today is the first day first responders will get the vaccine.

There are a number of test facilities in Pittsfield…

CVS at 107 West Street…Berkshire Health Systems at 505 East Street…CVS at 481 Pittsfield Road in Lenox…and Med Express Urgent Care at 999 Dalton Ave in Pittsfield.

In the North Adams area, you can get tested at Berkshire Health Systems at 98 Church Street in North Adams.

Click this link for additional information from the City of Pittsfield on the COVID-19 outbreak.

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