If you know Michael Rocca of Pittsfield you might want to rub his head (ask him first) before you purchase your next lottery ticket.  Last week Rocca scratched a 1-million- dollar ticket in the State's $4,000,000 Instant Jackpot game that he bought at Kirk's Variety and Hobby Store in Pittsfield.

Obviously, Rocca has not walked under any ladders or had a black cat cross his path because just over 20 years ago he hit for a 1-million dollar jackpot in the $1,000,000 Draw instant ticket game according to live959.com.  Rocca took that jackpot in annual instalments over 20-years.  His last check was last May.  With his latest jackpot win Rocco decided to take the wheel barrel full of cash in one lump sum of $650,000.

For their part in selling the 1-million dollar winning ticket, the owner of Kirk's Variety and Hobby Shop on Tyler Street in Pittsfield will pocket $10,000.

if your feeling lucky and playing for the big bucks tonight with Powerball, the jackpot is $20,000,000 with a 1-time cash buyout at $13,800,000.  The Powerball drawing is tonight.  If Mega Millions is your game the jackpot for Friday's drawing is also $20,000,000.  If you win and take the payout you would also be 13,800,000 richer.

Other Mass State Lottery games that help the budget crunch in Mass cities and towns include; "Mass Cash" with a top prize of $1,000..."Lucky for Life" with a top prize of $1,000 a day for life..."The Number Games" drawn twice daily...and lots and lots of different instant scratch tickets available at lottery distributors throughout the state.

To find out more click on the Massachusetts Lottery site.  If you or someone close to you had a gambling problem the click this link to Gamblers Anonymous.

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