The Pittsfield Police Department is holding a Virtual Open Recruitment on Thursday April 1st between 10am and 12pm.  According to the post on the Pittsfield Police Facebook page, they are seeking individuals that are motivated, and looking to serve residents of Pittsfield in a “rewarding and adventure-filled career.”

Three positions are listed as “Employment Opportunities” in the post.  They include;

Municipal Police Officer that currently has an average salary of $65,382 per year.  Salaries for the position range from $43,041 to $127,034.  According to the post, approximately 15 vacant positions to be filled from the Certified list in 2021 and 2022.

Emergency Co-Responder position is available.  The qualifications listed includes a Master’s degree in Psychology or license eligible Social Work and Clinical Licensure is preferred.

Dispatcher position with a salary range as of July 2021 is between $37,165 and $48,496.  Related experience or education is preferred.

All applicants must at least 18-years old and you must pre-register through or through MassHire or JobQuest.

According to the FB post on the Pittsfield Police Department Facebook page, once you preregister you will receive an email with registration details.

The Pittsfield Police Department is led by Chief Michael Wynn.  In a statement on the city’s website, Chief Wynn said “Everyone at the Pittsfield Police Department is committed to providing high-quality, proactive policing to the community that we serve.  We are dedicated to providing this service by adhering to our five stated core values of Professionalism, Ethics, Integrity, Sensitivity, and Accountability.”

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