The City for Pittsfield's Street Improvement Project continues this week.

There will be some frequently traveled roads in Pittsfield that will be worked on -- some will be entering the completion stage while others will be in the beginning stages of work.

According to the City of Pittsfield, here is a schedule of road work that will be done this week. Of course, keep in mind that Mother Nature, or other complications could arise so the schedule could change at any time.

Monday, Aug. 27 – Tuesday, Aug. 28: Finish pave on East New Lenox Road.

Wednesday, Aug. 29: Milling on Maplewood Avenue, paving-shim course on Crofut Street, and milling and paving shim-course on McKay Street.

Friday, Aug. 31: Curbing and prep work on Hubbard Avenue.

There are also some things to know in regards to the road work schedule for this week, according to the City of Pittsfield:

"During this work, there will be no parking permitted on Maplewood, Crofut, and McKay. There will be a single lane closure on East New Lenox and Hubbard."

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