Stray Pittsfield dogs soon should be under the watchful eyes and the animal care people at the Berkshire Humane Society.

Last week, The Berkshire Humane Society cast a sole bid to the city to pick up the duties once handled the Friends of Eleanor Sonsini Animal Shelter.

The Humane Society and the City will now work on a three year deal to finalized the plan to have the stray dogs go to the Humane Society's facility at 214 Barker Road.  The current city shelter, in the Downing Industrial Park is planned to be used for emergency overflow.

Once the deal is done, stray dogs that animal control officers bring to the shelter will be treated like all the others at the shelter according to the nonprofit's Executive Director John Perreault.  The shelter according to state law must wait seven days before trying to find new forever homes.  The strays would also be isolated from the general population for 48 hours.

The Berkshire Eagle reported that The Berkshire Humane Society, according to Perreault aims to finalize the contract and begin the shelter procedures
by Dec. 1.

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