And so the 2022 Pittsfield Street Improvement Project rolls on. And thanks to the City of Pittsfield along with the Mayor's Office, not only do we have next week's schedule for street fixer-uppers, but we also have some info regarding the city's new in-house paving list.

First, the Pittsfield Street Improvement Schedule for the upcoming week of Monday, August 8 through Friday, August 12:

  • Monday, Aug. 8 and Tuesday, Aug. 9: topsoil curb on Appleton and Stratford avenues, Howard Street. Cutting keyways for finish asphalt on Roselyn Drive, Cecilia Terrace, Euclid Avenue, and Pinney Place; Albro, Schuyler, and Donovan streets.
  • Wednesday, Aug. 10 through Friday, Aug. 12: finish paving on Roselyn Drive, Cecilia Terrace, Euclid and Appleton avenues, and Albro, Schuyler, Donovan, and Howard streets.

The city asks you to keep in mind that depending on the weather, the schedule is subject to change. Also, traffic may be impacted and on-street parking is prohibited between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. during this street work. The city thanks you for your patience.

Second, the city would like you to know(and this is very cool) that they have an in-house paving list now available for review on the city’s website, The paving list is a compilation of scheduled road rehabilitation that will be conducted by the city’s Highway Division.

You can access this document by clicking on the "Highway Division" link available on the Department of Public Services page on the city's website here. In-house paving is expected to begin this coming Monday, August 8.

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