There is water main break at Worthen Street off of Crane Ave in Pittsfield according to a Facebook post on the Pittsfield City Hall Facebook page.

Water will be shut down during repair work in the vicinity of 20-52 Worthen Street.  Sounding areas may still have water service however water pressure and the presence of discolored water may be present until the work is completed.  There was no indication of how long the repairs will take or the time water service will be restored. For updates you can check the City of Pittsfield Facebook page.

Water main breaks often occur because of cold temperatures.  The cold often causes pipes to become brittle.  Also the slight change in air or water temps can also drastically increase stress on pipes.  Breaks in a water main are common following a cold spell.

City Hall - City of Pittsfield

Please be advised that a water main break has occurred at Worthen Street off of Crane Avenue.

Starting at approximately noon, water service will be unavailable during repair work, specifically in the vicinity of 20-52 Worthen Street. Please note that while other locations in the surrounding vicinity may still have water service, there may be the presence of discolored water while repair work is underway.

Any additional updates will be shared as necessary. The City of Pittsfield thanks you for your patience.

***This information has also been shared via CodeRED***


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