Bill Cassavant's lucky day has finally arrived. The Berkshire County resident hit it big yesterday when he scored a one million dollar prize on a scratch ticket he purchased in Pittsfield.

On Thursday, June 16, the 63-year-old Richmond, Massachusetts resident stopped at the Lipton Mart Mobile on North St in Pittsfield and bought three $4,000,000 Brilliant Titanium tickets at ten dollars a piece. Two of the tickets were $500 winners, and the last... one million big ones.


Cassavant and his wife Sandy were so excited about the win that they drove to Boston that afternoon and stayed overnight to head to the Massachusetts State Lottery offices bright and early this morning.

After waiting in line for hours, and opting for the lump-sum payment, after taxes the winner took home $461,800. Don't you just love Uncle Sam? The payment would have been slightly more had he taken the monthly installments over 30 years, however, at almost 64 years old, he opted for the single payment.



The Cassavants, who have worked hard for their entire lives are looking forward to paying off some debt and easing into retirement. Bill says that he manifested it, he could feel the million coming.


I always knew this day would come, and here it is. I really don't know what to say, I'm a lucky dude



The win also made Cassavant a little sentimental, thinking about the years of hard work and a humble lifestyle. Coming from nothing, he thanked all of his employers over the years as well. Casavant's daughter, Katie, said this has literally been his dream, she hadn't seen him this happy since the birth of his first grandson.

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