A Press Release From the Adams Police Dept

Subject: Pedestrian Hit and Run
Date of Incident: 3/15/2021

The Adams Police Department is looking for any witness information regarding a reported pedestrian hit and run accident. At approximately 9:43 pm on March 15th, an officer was flagged down in the area of Burt Street by a party who had reportedly been struck by a motor vehicle while crossing Columbia Street in the crosswalk.

According to this party, they were struck by a gray Hyundai Elantra while crossing Columbia Street from east to west in the provided crosswalk on Columbia Street in the area of Burt Street and Dollar General. This party explained that a vehicle had stopped in each lane to allow them to cross and, after walking almost all the way across the street, were struck by a vehicle that was traveling south on Columbia Street.

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This gray Hyundai reportedly passed the vehicle on the right that had stopped in the southbound lane of travel to let them cross. This party advised that they believed the vehicle operators that stopped for them helped them after they were struck by the vehicle but they did not obtain their identities. This party did not believe the operator of the Hyundai stopped to assist. This party was unable to provide a description of the two vehicles that had stopped other than that one was a car and one was a truck.
Again, if there are any witnesses to this incident please contact the Adams Police Department (413) 743-1212

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