It seems when you look back at the history of Williams College that acts of racism in the form of graffiti and chanting have been happening for a while now.

In one incident 3 students from the school ended up watching three young males. The small group of boys was walking on the sidewalk from Route 2 towards Paresky. The students said they heard chanting and shouting and also were holding up a sign.

The students said that they heard racial slurs, some of the boys were even using the N-word. As the students walked on they noticed Black Live Matter signs that had been visibly damaged.

There were other signs of racism on the campus. A student reported to Campus Safety and Security seeing a racist and violent message scrawled on a wall inside Prospect Hall.

This is not only against the Black Community either, This past Monday Williams College in a report said that

the school's Soldier's Monument on Main Street was defaced with apparent white supremacist graffiti.

A local resident reported to the school the presence of a Confederate flag and the painted word Rebel on the base of the Civil War statue.

The Confederate flag and the word 'Rebel are commonly used as symbols by white supremacists and other factions of hate groups and even folks in the south use it as a symbol, of their heritage, which is not a very good one, to say the least.

A Williams staff person removed as much of the graffiti as possible and covered the remaining trace they will have to get someone in to clean the stone properly to get it all off.

This defacing occurred the same day a group of Williamstown residents installed 50 lawn signs on the Field Park rotary acknowledging the town's and college's presence in the homeland of the Stockbridge-Munsee Community which is one of the bands of the Mohican Indians. Monday was also Indigenous Peoples day.

The college's Campus Safety Services department is investigating the incident and has referred it to the Williamstown Police Department.

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