You may have heard this recently but if not this is important to know and please spread the word and share this with everyone. If you are fully recovered from a verified COVID-19 diagnosis, the plasma in your blood may contain COVID-19 antibodies that can attack the virus. This convalescent plasma is being evaluated as a possible treatment for currently ill COVID-19 patients, so your donation could help save the lives of patients battling this disease! It’s a special gift only those who have recovered from the virus can give. You can sign up with the Red Cross to help today.

The Red Cross notes that you may qualify to donate plasma for coronavirus patients if you meet specific convalescent plasma and regular blood donation eligibility requirements which are the following:

  • You are at least 17 years old and weigh 110 pounds. Additional weight requirements apply for donors age 18 or younger.
  • You are in good health. You generally feel well, even if you're being treated for a chronic condition.
  • You've had a prior, verified diagnosis of COVID-19, but are now symptom-free.

You can sign up to give COVID-19 convalescent plasma by going here.

About the American Red Cross

Red Cross volunteers and staff work to deliver vital services – from providing relief and support to those in crisis, to helping you be prepared to respond in emergencies. The organization donates time, money and blood. They learn or teach life-saving skills so their communities can be better prepared when the need arises. They do this every day because the Red Cross is needed - every day.

(above information taken from an email to WUPE from the American Red Cross for online and on air use)

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