We all know that times are tough right now. And trying to stretch your budget is often cumbersome. At least for most of us. But if you're a resident of Pittsfield there may be some light at the end of the tunnel.

The City of Pittsfield and the Mayor's Office have reached out to remind residents about the benefits of the city's municipal aggregation program, also known as the Community Choice Power Supply Program.

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Here's the deal. The Community Choice Power Supply Program offers Pittsfield residents a low, locked-in rate on their electricity costs. And you might already be enrolled in the program.

The program was initiated back in 2017 to help electric consumers in Pittsfield save money every month by offering a lower rate than the basic service supply rate from Eversource.

According to the media statement from the city:

Currently, Dynegy Energy provides the electric power supply for all consumers participating in the program and offers a contracted stable rate of $0.09603 per kWh for all rate classes through January 2024.

As I stated earlier, you may already be enrolled in the program, To find out, check your monthly electric bill statement. Look under the "Supplier Services" portion of your statement. If you see "Dynegy" printed there, then congrats! You are enrolled.

If you are not currently a part of the Community Choice Power Supply Program but you'd like to enroll, you may opt in at colonialpowergroup.com/pittsfield
OR call Dynegy Energy at 866-220-5696 and ask to be enrolled.

Please keep this important detail in mind. If you are currently contracted with another competitive supplier, but you'd like to switch over, please make sure you confirm with them first that you will not incur any early termination fees or penalties for leaving their supply.

If you would like more info regarding the Community Choice Power Supply Program, you can either call 413-499-9344 or you can visit the city's website here. There's a link available under the "Hot Topics" column.

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