Everyone may not be a handyman but seriously, why do millennials have such a hard time doing fix-its around the house?

According to a new survey, less than a quarter of millennials say they're good at fixing things around the house.

I thought this number would be higher, but three in 10 use social media to source help, with Facebook the top choice above Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Plus millions of millennials say they call for help to hang a picture or change a light bulb. ( Sorry but I have to chuckle at that bit of information). The average millennial says they'll go more than three weeks without a light bulb before they get around to fixing it.

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Some of the other jobs around the house that millennials can't or won't do are putting up wallpaper, painting, fixing a loose screw, fixing a heater, or tightening the hinges on a cabinet.

But it's not all out of laziness or a lack of basic skills.  It's also an issue of confidence 3% say someone else will do a better job fixing stuff.  And it's an issue of time 14% say they're too busy.

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