Listener Picks Up Whoopee In Sweden
On occasion we will get a letter or an email from a DXer from a faraway land.  The hobby of DXing is when the hobbyist tries to pick up extremely distance radio signals. If they are able to make out distant audio they will document what they heard, when they heard it and what radio station they…
Halloween Came Early At The WUPE Studios
With the whole pandemic thing going on and all of us trying to stay safe, we here at WUPE have not had the opportunity to see a lot of you in person, but your phone calls and hearing your voices always makes us feel we still have a connection.
Whoopee Facebook Friday Winner 9/4
To get in on the winning and fun, go by the WUPE Facebook page and like us. A winner will be drawn randomly every Friday on "The Morning Wake Up With Cheryl Adams" in the 8:00 AM hour.

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