I have always been interested in paranormal sightings especially in Massachusetts and Berkshire County which is one of the reasons why I became involved in the Unsolved Mysteries episode on Netflix that covered the Berkshire County U.F.O. incident that took place in 1969. Thomas Reed who was a key witness to the sighting has been on the radio with me throughout the years discussing his experience along with giving updates on the Thom Reed U.F.O. Monument Park which is located in Sheffield. If you haven't been there yet, it's worth a visit.

I personally have never seen a U.F.O., a ghost, or anything of that nature. I guess you could say that my life is pretty boring from that aspect. Then again, do I really want to see one of those objects? As they say, be careful what you wish for.

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Another creature or being that I have never seen is Bigfoot/Sasquatch. However, there are many folks that may have seen something that relates to this creature. Others swear they have seen Sasquatch. Whether you believe that Bigfoot/Sasquatch exists, it is fun to share stories and discuss what could be out there.

If you are a fan of Bigfoot/Sasquatch and you want to read about some stories from folks in Massachusetts, you'll want to check out this fun Facebook group entitled: Team Squatchaschusetts. This group has some entertaining stories, interesting experiences, and more. Plus, you can share your own experiences/photos and videos. Join the Team Squatchachusetts group now, you won't be disappointed.

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