The Berkshire County Sheriffs office released this information on February 3rd.

Sheriff Bowler and the staff at the Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office are notifying our community that there is an ongoing scam using the facilities phone number.

We have received reports as early as a few minutes ago that community members were contacted via the Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office phone number.

Those that were calling were impersonating an inmate and looking for bail money from a family member stating, “Hi Grandma”. Those that are doing this are using a technology called, “Spoofing”. By using this technology, this allows them to use a known phone number to attempt to scam someone into giving money to them. This is a scam that has been attempted here last year too.

Sheriff Bowler wants to inform the community that such scams are actively occurring throughout the community to do harm to us all. If you have received such calls, please hang up immediately and DO NOT provide them with any personal information such as bank account numbers, social security numbers etc.

Never give out any personal information even maiden names etc. If your like me I do not answer my cell if I am not familiar with the phone number call, I also have a spam alert on my phone too.

If you do not recognize the number calling, we advise you to just let it go to voicemail and return the call only if it is a known party calling. Please continue to be safe and stay healthy!!!

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